15 Amazing Outdoor Swing Bed Designs

COMFORTABLE SWING BED outside your House.

Amazing SWING BED outside your house in the garden area or in balcony or just in a small space available between your entrance and main gate gives an ecstatic feel of sitting in heaven.

If you are a lover of peace and nature then nothing is as good as a comfortable soft feel swing bed outside your house. Me and my husband can spent hours on it.

HOLDING each other’s ┬áhand , glancing each other for long or just lying by closing our eyes and and breathing fresh air is just a wonderful experience we have every morning.

Believe me nothing is more precious than this. My 2 years small baby sleeps within seconds when on the swinging bed. I enjoys my evening tea sitting there alone, looking different type of birds around.

Trust me All the luxuries are on one side and this less investment, comfortable, soothing bed is on one side. Doesn’t matter how much you have invested in your interiors but do plan for this corner of relaxation outside your house for a healthy and pleasureful life.


1- Have a look on space available outside and fix a comfortable shady corner for your swing bed.

2- It doesn’t require much investment, returns are comparatively much higher than it cost. consult your interior or directly contact a vendor, variety of swing beds are available in the market small, big with rope fixtures or chain fixtures what ever, whichever you feels fit for you get it.

IF DON’T WANT TO SPEND THIS MUCH then also no problem . With less efforts and creativity of yours you can get it done on your own with the help of a carpenter. few things where you need to be fully cautious while doing so are-

a- go for good quality wood , get all the touch ups and polishing properly after all that’s the place for your relaxation.

b- Do check fixtures and angles twice thrice certainly as that’s the matter of your security.

c- check your bed for a day or two after hanging and start using when you are assured of your safety.

ENJOY your swing and share your experience with us.Here for you some innovative,modern and comfortable ideas of swing bed .

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