20 Fireplace Modern Living Room Design

A living room, is the life of every home. Always we remind to keep it neat, clean and sophisticated as this is the only place where you can make your guest comfortable. This the place which click all the picture of your habit and way of keeping your things. Sometimes it is constructed absolutely in isolation and somewhere rest of the rooms surrounds your living room.

In both the cases living room has to be with well defined furniture and attraction because in every case you’re all the social or family gatherings will be taking place here only. Your designing and beautification of that room no doubt depends on it’s size.

But it doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small feeling and craze for designing is not less for small one. So to have a delightful and attractive living room visualise your room properly to decide your requirements and luxuries you will be needing for a comfortable and attractive living room.

Few points you can start with are here:

1. Decide and fix your budget as there is no limit to spend then proceed.

2. Discuss your design with your interior if any.

3. Choose some rich colour for paint and remember elegancy with simplicity will leave an impact on your guests and you will also feel cozy and soothy when you’ll sit in.

4. There should be sufficient ventilation in your living room if possible.

5. For smarter looks decorate the walls with elegant paintings , mirrors or antique clocks, if the room is quite spacious then can think to place some statues also.

6. Furniture- seating arrangement can be according to the number of family members and number of guests coming frequently. Do consider the durability and maintenance of sofas you are going to purchase.

7. Curtain can be dark or light coloured according to your choice and matching with wall colour, but don’t stop sunlight from touching your sofas if there is a way for them.

8. A cabinet for keeping few crockery and snacks for guest must be there it will lessen your rounds to kitchen from living room.

9. A carpet and a chandelier definitely adds beauty to your living room so do plan for them.

Few designs for a modern firing living room are given below:

living room living-room-2